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First Last Airbender Sketches by spacecoyote First Last Airbender Sketches by spacecoyote
("Second Last Airbender Sketches" found here: [link])

I don't normally like posting rough sketches but I thought this might interest some people. Self-explanatory, but I'll repost what's in the picture:

"These are the sketches I sent to Paramount when I was still waiting to be approved as the artist for the Avatar movie prequel manga. The studio asked me to send sketches of five Avatar characters of my choice. I used the TV designs because I hadn't received the live action film version designs yet. This was my first time ever drawing Avatar characters. I also had no knowledge of who or what the prequel would be about at the time."

Note that I didn't draw them in a group like this. In my sketchbook, on each page, I did a full body shot and head shot of each of the characters. I stitched the sketches together for better presentation here. So the composition isn't great...but it sorta works!

Since it was my first time drawing them, some of them look a little off. I had the hardest time with Katara. I don't know what it is about her, but I just can't get her right. I also don't like some of the poses/expressions but this was meant to be more to show off my style. I would like to do a proper group picture eventually (more proper than this one) but for now, I'm busy with the prequel.

I have since done sketches of the characters as their movie versions for Paramount (sans Toph, but including Iroh, Zhao and Yue), but I won't post those because many of the costumes/designs haven't been revealed to the public yet. I've heard they may get put in the back of the prequel book as an extra.
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October 1, 2009
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