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February 9, 2011
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Gyakuten Kenji 2 Cleared by spacecoyote Gyakuten Kenji 2 Cleared by spacecoyote
Miles Edgeworth, Kay Faraday and Tateyuki Shigaraki (localized name pending) from Gyakuten Kenji 2/Ace Attorney Investigations 2, celebrating my finishing the game! Detective Shigaraki is a hug monster and one of my favourite new faces in the game.

This pic is alluding to the New Doraemon opening ("Let's Hug") buuut I wonder how many people are going to get such an obscure reference.

Sorry about my first pic of the new year being a simple self-congratulatory piece of fanart. Most of the stuff I've been working on lately are things I can't show. I'm hoping to have an actual original piece up soon.
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